About Dina Kleiman

Meet Dina

About Dina Kleiman

Dina is an Intuitive Reader, Medium, Energy Healer, Vocal Channel, Hypnotherapist and Teacher.

In the western world, much of the focus on healing the body comes through the use of chemistry in the form of pills and physical intervention, aka, surgery. More recently diet, exercise, physical therapy and psychotherapy have gained popularity as additional avenues for healing. However, this leaves out one important aspect of the human body – its energy or electricity. This is where Dina comes in.

Through the use of what is broadly known as “Energy Healing,” Dina helps clients release old habits and beliefs, become strong and fearless, heal events from this life and past lives, clear ancestral karmic patterns, reconnect with the soul’s path, create healthy relationships, attract abundance, achieve harmony, peace and happiness and handle everyday living with ease and grace.

She is not a Licensed Physician nor a Licensed Mental Health Professional, rather she helps people heal the much overlooked component in today’s world – the body’s energy system.

During a one-on-one healing session, Dina is guided by her spirit guides and those of her client’s as to where the issue lies energetically and what to do about it. She may work on releasing the traumatic energy of events from this life, past lives or lives of her client’s ancestors. Each session includes the balancing of chakras (energy computers of the body), rebuilding of the aura (also known as one’s energetic boundaries) and if necessary removal of energetic attachments. A session may also include mediumship work, where one’s passed-on relatives or friends are present to assist with the healing process.

Dina has a successful private practice in Orange County, CA where she provides Energy Healing therapy and intuitive guidance. She also offers Reiki  level 1, 2, Master and Teacher training and attunements along with other classes and seminars related to Energy Healing and Personal Growth. She specializes in training healers from a variety of professions. Many of her students have become effective and prosperous healers with their own private practices.

Dina believes that each person is in charge of his or her own healing process; her job is simply to assist, guide, and provide tools to aid each person’s unique journey.

Her students and clients love her kindness, integrity, sense of humor and the unorthodox ways she explains often complicated subjects. As session with Dina can be in-person or over the phone.  She can help you in English and in Russian.

Her Story

Throughout Dina’s life, even as a small child, she felt that there must be more to life than just our five sensory experiences. This is not surprising, as she comes from a long line of rabbis, mystics and rabbinical scholars. Dina’s ancestry on her father’s side has been traced to Rabbi Loeb, the creator of the Golem of Prague. When she was young, her father practiced yoga (from books as at that time there was no other way to get the information). Her mother told her stories of how when she herself was in high school she was able to use her hands to remove headaches and how she had a friend who was a very powerful energy healer. But as time passed, her dad stopped his yoga practice and her mom moved away from energy healing. By the time Dina was old enough to ask questions, her parents all but forgot (or perhaps were unwilling) to give her the information she was seeking. Lacking a teacher or guide, Dina moved away from the energy work field and focused on her school studies and a career in technology.

While in her 20’s, Dina discovered yoga and fell in love with it from the first class. At that time she had a very successful, yet stressful corporate job. Yoga provided the healing and release she needed to cope with her work situation. In addition to yoga, she was soon re-introduced to energy healing by a friend who provided her with proper reading material and guidance.

But everything changed when her mom died. This loss brought so much pain that Dina closed off all her non-five-sensory world. It was all too much for her to handle and feel so she decided the only experiences she would have in this life would be logic and reason without any emotion. This worked “well” for some time until her physical body could no longer handle the suppressed pain and emotion and Dina became very ill. The right side of her face literally froze with Bell’s Palsy. Dina realized that closing herself off from the universe is unhealthy and dangerous and that she must resume her energy healing studies in order to heal herself and never re-manifest this disease. One evening when walking her dog she told the universe: “OK, I hear you and I am ready!”

That was when miracles began. She was introduced to teachers and healers and found new friends who opened up her world. One of her first teachers only spoke Spanish, so Dina’s friends would translate the class for her. Her next teacher was recommended by her medical doctor and the next teacher she found by “accidentally” reading an email from a mailing list to which she had been subscribed for years but had never even read once. She met another teacher by getting disoriented in the parking lot and walking into a different door from where she was heading.

Once she re-opened her “sixth sense” and re-connected with the Universal Energy, her whole life transformed and so many things in her life began to make sense.

Throughout her life, she had thought she was an emotionally sensitive person, one who is easily overwhelmed and cannot be around people for too long. She believed she had a weak nervous system and weak immunity because she needed more rest than a “regular” person. She thought that she would always need to plan her life and activities in a way that would allow her to get extra sleep and a lot of alone time. Then, one day, Dina learned that she does not have a weak nervous system, nor a weak immunity, instead, she has a super power known as empathy. In other words Dina learned that she is an empath – one who can feel what people around her feel. Once she learned how to harness this tool and use it, all need for extra rest and sleep magically dissolved. Being an empath was no longer a liability, it became a gift.

With this growth and healing, Dina remembers that all of a sudden “the trees became greener, the sun looked brighter and the sounds became so much more vivid.” She says it was as if she had been living her life “wearing dark sunglasses, ear plugs, a heavy coat, and always feeling so tired. Then suddenly all were removed and replaced with a colorful sundress, sexy sandals and a never ending supply of energy.”

From the day Dina decided to heal to this day, she never looked back. She embraced her spiritual education with the same energy and determination she had devoted to her traditional education and corporate career.  She became certified as a Clairvoyant Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Energy Healer & Teacher, Theta Energy Healer, Medium, Vocal Channel, Yoga Instructor and the list continues to grow.  Dina now has a successful Energy Healing and Teaching practice and has taught students from all over the world. Her students come from a variety of industries including: banking, real estate, computer programming, family therapy, sales, hospitality, business owners, fitness, health & nutrition, life coaches, other energy healers and more.

Dina is different from majority of healers because she takes a personalized approach to helping people. She views each person’s journey as unique and therefore requiring a custom-built approach. She has a seemingly endless number of tools in her toolbox: hypnotherapy, NLP, muscle therapy, yoga, guided journeying, past lives, future lives, ancestral DNA healing, working with loved ones who have passed on, inner child work, shadow work, dream therapy and more. Each session is as unique as each client.

Dina believes that awakening and healing can and should be joyful. Instead of treating our abilities as something overwhelming, unsettling or something that must be coped with, Dina teaches her clients and students to embrace, harness and perfect their gifts, turning them from liabilities into super powers. She says that “evolving our abilities actually puts us more in our power than hiding from them. With the proper support and encouragement our human journey can be fun, educational and exciting.”